Bistro in La Maragliana

Bistrot of La Maragliana is a fascinating place, rich of atmosphere ,originated from an old hayloft. As a result of a detailed restauration, it looks now lively and suggestive, it will enchant you with beams, briques at the walls, ancient pictures , warm decorations, music and soft lights. the unformal and relaxing atmosphere is the best pleasure for a meeting place, where you can come for a drink, a business breakfast or a simple sandwich.

The menu’ is rich and various, it satisfies even the most exigent costumers. The cellar hosts an accurate selection of wines, considering the territoiry and the local production, and a wide choose of beer, both italian and foreign.

During the hot season you can eat outside, in the dehor, opened to the walled barbecue: a speciality of the place.


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