SPECIALITIES AND DELIGHTS OF THE REGION (mushrooms, truffles, cheese and much more).

the wine and food culture is the aspect of Piedmont that gives to the region a world wide notoriety. the white truffle of Alba is one of the protagonists of our well known cuisine, as well as the precious wines which attract many passionate experts to our cellars tour. La Maragliana owns in fact, wonderful wineyards whose grapes are used to produce the famous wines Bracchetto and Barbera.

talking about culinary delights we can’t forget robiola of Roccaverano and the raw sausage of Bra. and what about mushrooms, cardoons from Nizza Monferrato, truffled cacciatorini and home made pasta (tagliolini, agnolotti, raviolini del plin, etc.).


Furthermore our meat deserves a particular regard; it comes exactly from the cattle livestocks of the place; they are from race Fassone which is well-known and has always been used in the local dishes such as Carne cruda all’Albese, Vitello Tonnato, Bollito Misto, Brasato al Barolo, Battuta di Fassone.

And we can carry on, with all the desserts and and the baked products.

Just pointing out the particular Amaretti di Mombaruzzo. Our restaurants offers all recipes of the richest piedmontese  tradition, availing itself of  the delights mentioned above withot neglecting the accurate selection of raw materials.

thanks to our chefs and the histrionic owner, who’s a great passionate and interpreter of gastronomy (local and not), we are fain to offer to our costumers the best of culinary production of Piemonte and even beyond …

Come to visit us and we’ll be glad to make you taste old savours and discover new emotions.




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